Fan Interaction Solution

FanKave offers interactive solutions that will keep fans engaged and connected to your brand and team both on game days and off days


Live scores and stats updates- faster than ESPN!


Real time social content, such as videos and tweets, brought straight into the chat


Find content and share directly into the chat for more fan interaction

Virtual Live Game Watches:

FanKave provides virtual live chats for each and every game. Each chatroom follows a specific game, providing trending social content around that game. Fans are then able to interact with the content, sharing to outside social media accounts or into the chatroom itself.

Topic Discussion Threads:

On non game days when fans still want to engage with their teams and fellow fans, teams can still create discussion. Topics can be manually generated or based around content such as a news article or tweet or even just a concept.

AMA Threads:

This same platform can be used for topic discussion and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with athletes and media personalities. The comment and reply system combined with intuitive sharing makes for a perfect easy-to-use, interactive chat.

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