Why Engagement Matters

Organic Reach is LOW on Social Networks

  • Last year, the 25 most engaging brands on Twitter had post engagement rate of 0.7%
  • Facebook pages with over 100,000 likes had 0.14% engagement rate (Source: Socialbakers)…. Yikes.

Companies and brands spend too much time and money on “rented” social communities. These “landlords” (Facebook, Twitter, etc) are in total control of what gets seen and how it is presented.

Rented Communities = No Control

Simply broadcasting content is no longer powerful enough to reach an audience- conversation is the new name of the game. When a brand provides a platform for chat to unfold, they see engagement in its purest form. The brand becomes in control and is able to moderate, run tests, and analyze all the data that its users produce within their space.

Businesses should invest in a strong branded native app presence to host their super fans in a dedicated space. – Techcrunch

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